Making A Difference

The Schattner Foundation is a private charitable foundation established in 1992 by Dr. Robert I. Schattner. Dr. Schattner, the inventor of Chloraseptic and Sporicidin, used his success to fund this foundation and set its vision for charitable purposes.

Our Mission

The Schattner Foundation supports and invests in causes that positively impact people’s lives through health and human services, education and research, and Jewish services.

About the Foundation

Granting Philosophy

We strive to make significant grants where they will do the most good and positively impact people’s lives.

Featured Grants

Our Focus Areas

We are passionate about giving and helping others through causes that align with Dr. Schattner’s vision and the Foundation’s charitable mission.

Making a Difference Through Our Grantees

United Hatzalah of Israel is the country’s largest independent, non-profit, fully volunteer emergency medical service (EMS) organization—providing the fastest emergency medical service throughout Israel, completely free of charge.

With the horrific events of October 7, 2023, top-of-mind, United Hatzalah of Israel was honored to be a recipient of an emergency grant from the Schattner Foundation, allowing the organization to purchase and replenish new medical equipment for their thousands of volunteers in Israel including defibrillators, oxygen tanks and tourniquets, as the volunteers continued to work feverishly to treat the wounded and save as many people as possible.